The three most important things that I carry with me 24/7/365 are energy, hospitality, and humility. 

Energy - Whenever I shoot, I love to get to know my clients and models on a personal level. I'm incredibly social, love cracking jokes, and always bring speakers with me to allow whomever I'm shooting to play their own music of choice.

Hospitality - I also make it one of my absolute top priorities to ensure that my clients and models are comfortable during the photoshoot. If you start feeling nervous, stressed, hungry, or even if Mother Nature calls, I have no problem with taking a break and/or finding a location to rest in.

Humility - Too often these days I see a lot of individuals - not just photographers - who feel as if they have something to prove. As for me, I always feel as if I have something to learn. I frequently ask for feedback so that I can constantly sharpen my skills, which ultimately means better pictures for my clients and models.

I've moved all of my equipment here!