Short Version

Hi! I'm a bachelor's and master's graduate from the University of Michigan who LOVES photography! When I'm not shooting, editing, or watching tutorials, I enjoy working out, eating awesome food, and wishing that I had a dog.

Long Version

I know exactly what you're thinking right now: "Oh SNAP! This bio is long as heck! I'm OUT!" Regardless, I encourage you to read on because I think this bio is somewhat entertaining...or maybe I'm just totally crazy...I'll let you be the judge of that.

At first, I was thinking about writing one of those pompous self-gratifying bios that, in theory, would have made me felt like a king standing tall and proud in the highest tower of his castle. But the more I entertained the idea, the more I realized how bland, conforming, and embellished my bio would have sounded. So, here is my story...

I was born in Flushing, New York at the tender age, and eventually decided to pack my things, slip on my shoes, and drive to New Jersey to start my life over on a clean slate - this happened when I was two and a half.

By the time I turned ten, I had already learned how to build my own log cabin, farm my own food, start a fire by uttering a series of magic incantations, and even swim up a waterfall. Actually, none of that happened, but it sounded funny in my head so I decided to leave it in my bio.

There is a bit of truth in what I just said - I can indeed swim. I swam competitively all throughout elementary, middle, and high school.

After earning a couple of medals and records here and there (this is me gloating right now), keeping up with volunteer/extracurricular activities, and getting half-decent grades, I joined the crowd and left home to pursue a college education.

My first four years at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) were absolutely incredible. So incredible that I decided to stick around and get a master's degree!

After a grand total of six years, two engineering degrees, and lots of energy drinks/late night snacks to keep the homework juices flowin', I learned one important lesson: student loans suck.

To make matters worse, I fell in love with a rather expensive hobby, but I don't regret a single moment of it.

*I start talking about photography below in case you want to skip*

It is rather hard for me to put into words what photography means to me and what I am trying to accomplish.

From a technical standpoint I shoot portraits and have recently begun to dabble with different perspectives, some of which extend beyond the realm of realism.

From a creative standpoint I seek to deliver high-quality content that engages my viewers and is capable of eliciting whatever emotions I am trying to convey.

And from a standpoint for which I cannot come up with a name, I just really like to make my clients look dang stinkin' awesome and 150% satisfied after making an investment in me.

In all honesty, the end goal is not to get rich and/or famous. I am constantly seeking to hone my skills day after day, meet and inspire thousands of awesome human beings (and dogs - I love dogs), and never let myself feel fully satisfied with my work.